Song of the Day 9.29

Today’s song is by one of my favorites, although what does it say about how I’m feeling? I actually love this song, and the band. It’s ‘Weak and Powerless’, by A Perfect Circle (in case that doesn’t show up in the you tube box there). I wanted to hear ‘Schism’ by Tool, but I guessContinue reading “Song of the Day 9.29”

Song of the day 9.28

Yesterday’s post was dated wrong….oops. Todays song is annoying as hell. It’s called ‘Old Town Road’, by Billy Ray Cyrus and Little Nas X. I probably spelled one of them wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s my own damn fault and that’s what makes it so aggravating. I asked my daughter if Little Nas X was any good.Continue reading “Song of the day 9.28”

Song of the day 9.25

I think it’s called ‘Vincent’. Regardless it’s by Don McLean. You know the song….Starry starry night….paint your palette blue and grey….look out on a summers day….with eyes that know the darkness in my soul… It’s a beautiful song. Sad but beautiful. It sort of took me by surprise today. I was ‘listening’ to it playContinue reading “Song of the day 9.25”

Song of the day 9.23

‘Nothing from nothing’ by Billy Preston is todays song. At least I think that’s what it’s called 🤔. That’s what he says over and over anyway. I don’t care about this song either way. Never really liked it, never hated it. It’s just there. I guess that means, understandably, I got nothin. I’m sorta feelingContinue reading “Song of the day 9.23”

Song of the day 9.22

I’ve spent the last few days sort of in a fog with no real music, just an annoying snippet droning over and over that I tried to ignore. But this morning I woke up hearing the Beatles birthday song 🤷🏻‍♀️. That morphed into ‘At Last’ by Etta James. I actually like but don’t know thatContinue reading “Song of the day 9.22”

Song of the Day 9.16

Today’s song comes from the darkness. It’s “Snuff”, from Slip Knot’s album “All Hope is Gone.” Yeah, this is one of my favorite songs that I found at a time that all hope actually was gone. You know how sometimes you find a theme song for however it is you’re feeling at the time? ThisContinue reading “Song of the Day 9.16”