Song of the day 9.23

‘Nothing from nothing’ by Billy Preston is todays song. At least I think that’s what it’s called 🤔. That’s what he says over and over anyway.

I don’t care about this song either way. Never really liked it, never hated it. It’s just there. I guess that means, understandably, I got nothin.

I’m sorta feeling like a failure here with these songs. Maybe that’s the point of this one? They don’t really mean anything they’re just random snippets of tunes in my head.

I’ll have to think of something else to write trivial things about I guess. If my brain is trying to tell me something it’s not doing a very good job, or I’m not clever enough to figure it out.

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I'm a fantasy writer. I created a website and blog so I could vent about my writing adventures.

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