Song of the Day 9.26

The DJ in my head is an asshole. That’s how I know it’s a guy. He never listens. I mean, I know not all guys are assholes, but a lot of guys I know are assholes. So there you have it.

Yesterday I didn’t blog because I was irritated. Today the DJ didn’t change the tune, but added a couple. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted this song out of my head and something better as a replacement. I guess it’s not gonna happen until I write. I write all the time, but sometimes it’s in my head, which isn’t all that helpful because a) nothing is on the page and b) I feel like I’ve already said all this…

The song of the day is ‘Empty Chairs’ by frickin Don McLean. I don’t think it’s fair to have an artist repeat the next day. Especially an artist I have issues with. But here we go.

Empty Chairs is a pretty song, and it’s theoretically sad. Mr. McLean has a really lovely voice, but it doesn’t go with his actions so I have some issues. I don’t want to give my energy to someone like him. This song is also a stupid song and it illustrates a lot of what’s wrong with a lot of men. They don’t listen. Take the chorus for example: I wonder if you know….that I never understood….that although you said you’d go….I never thought you would.

Why? That’s my primary question for this chorus. Did you think she was too stupid to know her own mind or how she felt? Did you just dismiss what she said as background noise and grunt at her so she’d shut up about it? Maybe you thought you knew better?

There’s also this verse: Never thought the words you said were true….Never thought you said just what you meant….Never knew how much I needed you….Never thought you’d go, until you went. I mean, isn’t that just typical for this type of guy? What, she’s telling you she’s unhappy enough to leave you but you just blow it off thinking maybe she’s just messin with you? How stupid is that?

This song annoys the crap out of me. Mostly because when I was very young I thought it was such a sad and beautiful love song and it sucks when your memories are tarnished by people you admire turning out to be creepy assholes.

Another song that my DJ has been playing on repeat is ‘Shape of a Heart’, by Jackson Browne. Another person I admired as a kid who turned out to be a creepy asshole. He got away with it for a long time until the girlfriend he decided to beat also happened to be famous. How come we don’t listen to regular people? Why do they have to be famous to get our attention, or why does there have to be so many of them. Sometimes it just has to be horrifying I guess. This particular song talks about his girlfriends necklace and also about the home where they lived having holes in the wall from throwing things or punching the wall. At the end of the song, after he knows she’s really gone, he takes her necklace and puts it down one of the holes in the wall. It’s disgusting. Domestic violence is so insidious and so prevalent in our society. I mean, fabulously wealthy famous guys sing about it like it’s nothing.

Eventually my DJ relented and now I’m hearing “Some kinda Wonderful,” by Grand Funk Railroad. I’m afraid to find out if any of those guys were of the common asshole variety.

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