Song of the day 9.17

Today’s installment is “Daddy’s Tune” by Jackson Browne. It’s another song I like so I feel like I’m on a roll here. I also think I know why it would pop up.

My dads birthday is coming up. He’d be 96 soon if he was still here. My thoughts drift towards him more and more as his birthday approaches. I think that’s normal. He was an excellent man and I miss him very much.

That may seem weird since I just said yesterday that I grew up with an alcoholic father and talked a bit about how that felt. It was horrible really and I’m glad to be far away from that point in my life. I’m also glad that my dad got sober.

He was actually sober most of my life and we developed a wonderful relationship that I am very thankful for. He was a wonderful grandpa too.

For a long time it was hard to reconcile the two aspects of my father. So I didn’t. I had the nasty guy I grew up with and the wonderful man who was my father when I was an adult. At some point though, those two men merged in my mind and I could see him for the man he was. A good man who had demons to fight. And he won! It fills me with joy and hope, even now, after he’s gone. And sometimes, when I’m lucky, I smell his aftershave and I smile and whisper ‘hi dad.’ ❤️

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