Song of the Day 9.29

Today’s song is by one of my favorites, although what does it say about how I’m feeling?

I actually love this song, and the band. It’s ‘Weak and Powerless’, by A Perfect Circle (in case that doesn’t show up in the you tube box there).

I wanted to hear ‘Schism’ by Tool, but I guess this will do. My experiment to see if I could think of a song and have it play in my head seems like it doesn’t work. The experiment worked, just the results were not what I had hoped for. Although if I can make my internal DJ play what I want it’s not really the same, is it? I can actually get him to play things I want to hear but it doesn’t last, and the song he chose always comes back. There have been times where I’ve heard the same song for days, but that doesn’t happen very often.

This whole blog thing is actually an experiment. I created this page over a year ago so I could vent about how characters kind of try to take over the story and do stuff you don’t want or anticipate. I was very excited. I even paid extra to get someone to zoom with for instructions on how to work this site. Then I didn’t do anything. I mean, for a long time. I still wrote and still got mad at characters but I didn’t vent. I’m trying to work up to it.

Does that happen to all writers? Do all of us struggle with unruly characters and get lost staring at a blank screen trying to remember that perfect thought we had 10 minutes ago when we were in the car? I tend to write in my head a lot, there’s great dialog in there and some pretty intense scenes. Then I get to the computer and stare at it. They never say what they said before either. I struggle to remember that perfect turn of a phrase they used, or how to describe the look on their faces. I turn to my daughter a lot and say how do I describe ___ and make a face at her. Sometimes the faces I get back from her are priceless and I think, oh yeah, one of these characters is gonna use that….if I can figure out how to write it down.

So I decided to do this instead because somehow it’s less personal. I am not used to putting myself out there and this seemed like an easy baby step. I think a lot of people have music in their head, so it’s relatable. Or at least, maybe it’s entertaining. Maybe the musical choices of my inner DJ say something about me, but I’m not sure. He seems to have crap taste in music a lot of the time, but not today.

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I'm a fantasy writer. I created a website and blog so I could vent about my writing adventures.

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