Writing Me Crazy

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What the f**k is BTS anyway?

That’s the question I set out to investigate about two weeks ago. It’s been a wild ride, let me tell you… Full disclosure: I cuss a lot sometimes. I am not young…more middle aged, and my favorite band is Tool. Doesn’t seem like an ideal combination for the BTS bandwagon, but there you go. IContinue reading “What the f**k is BTS anyway?”

Song of the Day 9.29

Today’s song is by one of my favorites, although what does it say about how I’m feeling? I actually love this song, and the band. It’s ‘Weak and Powerless’, by A Perfect Circle (in case that doesn’t show up in the you tube box there). I wanted to hear ‘Schism’ by Tool, but I guessContinue reading “Song of the Day 9.29”

Song of the day 9.28

Yesterday’s post was dated wrong….oops. Todays song is annoying as hell. It’s called ‘Old Town Road’, by Billy Ray Cyrus and Little Nas X. I probably spelled one of them wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s my own damn fault and that’s what makes it so aggravating. I asked my daughter if Little Nas X was any good.Continue reading “Song of the day 9.28”

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